Founded in June 2008 in Macau, Laxino Systems Limited is the leading cloud-based gaming technology provider in Asia.  Our vision is to provide the best innovative solutions to the dynamic Asian gaming market through the adoption of cloud computing and data technologies.  With a team of world-class talents, and experts in technology and business domain knowledge, Laxino has the proven experience to deliver superior customer value and satisfaction.

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Laxino Systems Limited is recognized as the most progressive enterprise in the gaming industry.  We provide innovative technological and multimedia entertainment to boost the efficiencies and expectations of online and land-based casino operators. The world class Laxino team embodies the technical expertise, proven experience, and comprehensive business domain knowledge.  These core competencies will foster the production of quality products and services which ensure customer satisfaction, hence, insuring a return on investment and acceptable growth rate consistent with current management guidelines.

1473151031206330.gif PRINCIPLES


• Customer Contentment –  Deliver the best products and services to the client

• Operational Optimization –  Improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of clients' business practices

• Innovation Initiatives –  Embed innovation in the product design and service

• Financial Foundation –  Provide products and services on-time and within budget

1473151324826192.gif  VISION

• Be the best in-class as a global provider of top-notch gaming products

• Be the market leader in gaming industry

• Be an icon in the gaming industry

1473152430414152.gif  CUSTOMER VALUE PROPOSITION


• Create customer satisfaction with state-of-the-art technologies

• Create market share with high impact applications

• Create mind share with a strong commitment to fairness, privacy protection, confidentiality, and security


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Laxino Systems Limited

Alameda Dr . Carlos d' Assumpção No.180,

Edf. Tong Nam Ah Comercial Centro,

8-Andar A-H, Macau


Email: info@laxino.com

Tel: +853 2880 8080

Fax:+853 2881 8181

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